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Stoneware Accessories

(Jade with Small Pine Cone)                           (Spring Sage with Spiral Sun)                       (Theresa's Glaze with no medallion)
(Electric Green with Sea Turtle)                         (Purple Rain with Snowflake)                              (Green 'n' Gold with Crane)

This is a fabulous piece using two hand thrown bowls that Noah has put together.  Measures 7"t x 9"w. 
Add any of our medallions for an extra $3


(Ruffle center Noah's Glaze)                                                    (Round center Black Attack Glaze)

(Ruffle Center Tri Colored Green to Purple)           (Round center Tri Colored Brown)                  (Ruffle Center Tri Green)

(Round center Theresa's Glaze)

VEGGIE TRAY    $52        
Our Veggie Tray is a great platter with the center bowl being connected.  Perfect for any treats you want to dip! 
Available with a ruffle or round dip bowl in the center.
Measures 11"w x 3"t.

(Electric Green with Crane)                                                           (Jade with Small Pine Cone)

(Green 'n' Gold Floral Scroll)

The Everything Bowl holds casseroles, fruit salads, lettuce salads, popcorn, marinated steaks...Everything!  It is beautiful. 
Measures 12.5"w x 3"t. 
  Add any of our medallions for an extra $3.

(Purple Rain Celtic Tri)                                                                      (Ron Burgandy Maple Leaf)

(Green 'n' Gold no medallion)                                                             (White Wave Ocean Lighthouse)


This large bowl will look great on the center of your table.  It is a stunning show stopper!  
Available in any of our glazes.  Add a medallion for $3.00. 
Measures 11.5"w x 7"t. 

(Tri Colored Green to Purple)                                                               (Black 'n' Gold)

(Noah's Glaze)                                                                                         (Green 'n' Gold)

(Jenny Blue)                                              (Two-Tone Purple)                                     (Azul)

Beautiful hand thrown colander, with holes around the entire piece and on the bottom of the dish. 
Measures 8.25" wide x 4.5" tall. 

 Add any of our medallions for an extra $3.

(Noah's Glaze)                                                                                        (Tri Colored Green)

(Tri Colored Green to Purple)                                                         (Gold 'n' Purple)


     Small $20       Medium $25     Large $35 
Awesome dish... Perfect for cheese, sausage, fruit, you name it!
 Available in three sizes (all above shown in small) and in any of our glazes. 
Small measures 6", Medium measures 8", and Large measures 10".  


Wine chiller sets are a great addition to your dinner set, or a wonderful gift by themselves!  Customize yours in your favorite glaze and with your favorite medallion.  (Above shown in Spring Sage with Leaf Scroll Medallion and Ocean with Snowflake Medallion. 
The Wine Chiller (Can also be used as a Crock) measures 7"t x 5"w.  $40  Stem-less Wine Glasses measure 3"t x 3.5"w.  $15 each 

                                   (Leaf Scroll in Green 'n' Gold)                                    (Small Pine Cone in Jade)

          Celtic Scroll in Electric Green                  Swirl Scroll in Ocean               Leaf Scroll in Spring Sage


(Limestone)                                         (Jenny Blue)

This beautiful Stoneware, hand thrown dish is the perfect way to bake your pie in style!
  Available with a ruffle top or a smooth top. 

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