Montgomery Raku and Artworks

Landscape Jewelry

Landscape Jewelry pieces are hand made stoneware clay pendants with a beautiful landscape inspired glaze blend.
  There are 10 different styles, available in four color choices : Green, Blue, Purple, and you 40 different choices!  Each comes with a brown ribbon necklace.  When ordering please specify a gold, silver, or copper bail. 

$20 ea.

Heart Landscape   (measures 2" t x 1.5"w)

Medium Square Landscape  (measures 1.5" t x 1.5"w)

Star Landscape   (measures 1" t x 1"w)

Medium Diamond Landscape    (measures 1.5" t x 1.5"w)

Medium Circle Landscape   (measures 1.75" )

Bear Landscape  (measures 1" t x 1.5" w)

Small Circle Landscape   (measures 1.5" t x 1.5"w)

Large Diamond Landscape   (measures 2.5" t x 2.5"w)

Large Circle Landscape  (measures 2.25" t x 2.25"w)

Large Square Landscape   (measures 2" t x 2"w)

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