Montgomery Raku and Artworks

French Butter Dish

Each French Butter Dish (also known as a Butter Bell) is hand thrown by Noah.  They measure 4" x 4", available in any of our glazes, and with most of our medallions.  This handy device keeps your butter soft inside the bell. 
Add water in the dish to create a seal, and enjoy soft butter all the time.
$30 each

               (Crane, Electric Green)                                                                     (Moon, Azul)

(Starfish, Nude)                                               (Floral Scroll, Embers)                                               (Celtic Tri Green to Purple)

(Maple Leaf, Sea Grass)                                         (Aspen Leaf, Green 'n' Gold)                             (Plain Leaf, Tri Colored Greens)

(Fish, New Blue)                                              (Spiral Sun, Limestone)                                       (No medallion, Embers)

(Floral Scroll, Jenny Blue)                                    (Aspen Leaf, Jade)                                             (Dragonfly, Purple Moon)

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