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Each piece is handmade by Noah (Master Potter) and Jen in their country studio in Central Wisconsin.

Raku pottery is an art form that originated in Japan, in the late 1500’s.  The term raku actually translates to enjoyment or ease.  It was believed that the raku artist is a potter who lives the technique, not just uses it.


Raku is different from traditional pottery.  The pieces are taken out of the kiln, while they are glowing hot around 1800F., and put into reduction barrels, where combustibles create the art of the flame!  The fire and smoke create amazing designs, shapes, and patterns on each piece.  It is an art form that is completely unique and amazing! 



Noah hand makes all of his own glazes both crackle and metallic. Crackle glazes are the traditional Japanese raku style.
Metallic glazes are the American raku style invented in the 1960's.

Above are examples of some of our raku glazes.  We are always experimenting with new glazes, techniques, and combustibles.  Also, because the flame directly impacts the result of the piece, no two pieces will ever look the same even if glazed with the same glaze in the same firing.  That is why raku is so unique~!


Noah and Jen Montgomery

  Noah is a master potter, who has been creating professionally since he was 22 years old.  Born in Door County Wisconsin, in 1973, he gained a love of working with clay as a small child.  He had works displayed in the Milwaukee Art Museum in High School and was a founding father to one of Wisconsin's only production potteries.  Noah decided a long time ago that pottery was his life.

Jen works side  by side with Noah to make Montgomery Raku and Artworks a thriving cottage industry.  She grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and also has a love of the arts.  She has been a high school art teacher for over 10 years and has taken her experiences to help grow their business into what it is today.
 Together they use their love of the arts and their creativity to create a unique Wisconsin business-
Montgomery Raku and Artworks! After years of production pottery work and teaching, Noah and Jen have decided to settle down in the countryside of central WI.  There they have built a studio, set up kilns, and began making some of the coolest raku and pottery Wisconsin has ever seen.

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Our favorite creations by far is our daughter Willow and son Wade.  We love to take photos of them and of course share. 

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